Vigor Plus

It’s a combination formulated for men who need to increase their sexual potency. Vigor Plus works right over male genital zone generating an increase to the sanguineous fluid. You will get and enlarged and thickened penis.

Vigor PlusVigor Plus Capsules combinated with Hard Man Tonic are #1 100% Natural Herbal Supplement for penis enlargement. It's the exactly combination for men who need to increase their sexual potency too. It promotes the production of nitric oxide to always have a harder erection. It makes the corpora cavernosa of the penis develop a larger blood storage capacity and it increases arterial elasticity.

It is also indicated for people who suffer from diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure.

  • It is highly indicated in cases of impotence and soft erection
  • It is formulated for men who suffer from premature ejaculation and wish to increase their sexual drive
  • It reduces the hypersensitivity on the head of the penis; allowing for a longer lasting sexual act
  • It doesn’t produce priapism (prolonged painful erections)
  • It deals with ailments caused by the prostate enlargement: pain in the testicles, urgent need to urinate at night and odorous urine


  • Increases artery elasticity. This allows a larger blood flow inside the sexual organ; producing excellent erections
  • Definitely lets you enjoy your age with youth potency
  • Controls premature ejaculation
  • Harmonizes reproductive functions
  • Strengthens fertility
  • Acts as an antiseptic and diuretic
  • Alleviates the symptoms caused by prostate enlargement
  • Aids the glandular functioning of the prostate
  • Helps maintain an adequate urine flow
  • Widening and enlargement of the penis, even in a relaxed state and without stimulation
  • Harder and longer lasting erections when you have intercourse
  • Increases sexual drive
  • Improves the control of your sexual activity
  • Stronger and more intense orgasms
  • Allows a permanent and safe enlargement without pain
  • When we talk about enlargement, it is estimated between an inch and an inch and a half in about 45 to 60 days


Take 2 caps every other day, until you finish both bottles.


See more details of the fabulous Hard Man tonic here.


  • Vitamin B3: Vitamin B3 is also called niacin. Like all the B-complex vitamins, it is important for converting calories from protein, fat and carbohydrates into energy. But it also helps the digestive system function and promotes a normal appetite and healthy skin and nerves. Larger doses of niacin—sometimes more than 1,000 milligrams a day—have also been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol (the 'bad' cholesterol that clogs the heart's arteries) and triglycerides and raise HDL cholesterol (the 'good' cholesterol that prevents hardening of the artery walls). However, you should only take increased doses of niacin under the supervision of a physician.
    Nutritionists categorize vitamins by the materials that a vitamin will dissolve in. There are two categories: water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins, which include the B-complex group and vitamin C, travel through the bloodstream. Whatever water-soluble vitamins are not used by the body are eliminated in urine, which means you need a continuous supply of them in your food. Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin.

  • Ginkgo Biloba: The leaves of this plant are the part used. The main ingredient are the ginkgolides and their Healing Effects are: Promotes brain functioning. Blood circulation and oxygenation. Could be helpful for asthma, kidney and heart disorders. May improve depression, headaches, memory loss and tinnitus. Relieves symptoms of Alzheimer's and Raynaud's diseases. Helps sex drive in older men.

  • Yohimbe Bark: Yohimbe is a tree that grows in Africa, and the natives there have used the crude bark and purified compound to enhance sexual desire and performance. Yohimbe has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. It haseven been smoked as a hallucinogen. Nowadays, Yohimbe bark extract is mostly used to treat impotence for men and women. When ingested, Yohimbe is assimilated into the blood stream, and Yohimbe's energizin g effects come from its ability to increase blood flow to the genitals - and this applies to both men and women. Aside from its aphrodisiac effects, new research also show that Yohimbe has powerful antioxidant effects.

  • Muira Puama: This Brazilian herb Muira puama, also referred to as murapuama, is mostly known for its effective help with erectile dysfunction and increasing libido and as an aphrodisiac - but is also an excellent tonic for increasing general well-being and mental tiredness. Muira puama is a bush / small tree up to 5 meters in height and produces pungent flowers with a jasmine like fragrance.
    The indigenous tribes in Brazil have used the roots and bark internally in a tea as an aphrodisiac, for treating sexual debility and erectile dysfunction, nervous system disorders, neuralgia, baldness, impotency, gastrointestinal disorders, neuromuscular problems and rheumatism.
    Although many people are skeptical about sexual stimulants or "herbal viagra" as such, the muira puama herb has been shown by Dr. Jacques Waynberg, a world authority on sexual functioning, of the Institute of Sexology in Paris, France, that it is effective in assisting in increasing sexual desire as well as attaining and maintaining an erection.
    The action of the muira puama herb is not fully understood but it seems to assist with both the psychological as well as the physical aspect of sexual function.

  • Siberian Ginseng: Research in China has suggested that the Siberian Ginseng is especially effective in relieving fatigue. It has a greater stimulating effect than regular Ginseng; but it can also calm the patient and reduce anxiety. It also strengthens the immune system. It is useful in protecting the body from damage due to radiation. It decreases inflammation. It also normalizes blood pressure. A very effective herb for insomnia, nervousness, stress, anxiety, poor appetite, palpitation, fatigue, etc without any harmful side effects.

  • Maca root: Maca is a root that grows in the high mountains of Peru. Rich in nutritional content (potassium, and higher levels of calcium than in milk), maca is a natural hormonal balancer which provides great health benefits for both, men and women. Maca is recommended for fertility problems, sterility, and other sexual disorders. However, in Peru maca has long been known as a potent APHRODISIAC. Research has proven maca to act on certain areas of the body that produce hormones and energizing substances, which enhance libido and increase virility. Due to its high nutritional value, maca is not only popular as a sexual libido enhancer and menopause symptoms savior, but also greatly affects energy, stamina, depression, memory, and more.

  • Androstenedione: Androstenedione is a precursor molecule to testosterone, which means it is a step along the biological chain that produces testosterone. In fact, it is the last step before testosterone is produced with the only difference being a single hydrogen atom. Theoretically, when androstenedione is digested, the liver adds that atom of hydrogen and produces testosterone. Unlike anabolic steroids, which one can use intravenously to pump the body full of as much testosterone is desired, when testosterone is produced through digestion, the body can control the amount produced. For this reason, sellers of androstenedione claim there is no danger of getting too much testosterone and experiencing the side effects of anabolic steroids, which include loss of hair, outbreaks of acne on the body, and impotence, to name a few.

  • Inositol: Is a part of the B vitamin family. It works closely with choline.
    It is important in balancing fat in the body and brain. Inositol is vital to the proper functioning of the brain cells.
    Gradually lowers blood pressure. Works in the brain to feed and stabilize cells. It’s Important in forming RNA. It reduces cholesterol and fat lipids. Healthy for the kidneys and liver. It removes fats from the liver. It helps metabolize cholesterol and fats. It works on the spinal cord nerves. Has an anti-anxiety effect. It works as a sedative and promotes appetite and digestion.


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